Launch of MATERI’ACT Dallas
Launch of MATERI’ACT Dallas


a joint-venture between MATERI’ACT and PCR Recycling, to accelerate the development and delivery of recycled compounds for the automotive industry in North America

MATERI’ACT, a company of the FORVIA group, France’s first and the world’s seventh-largest automotive technology supplier, is setting up in North America through MATERI’ACT Dallas, a joint-venture with PCR Recycling. MATERI’ACT Dallas will accelerate the development and delivery of recycled compounds for sustainable automotive products with up to 85% CO2 reduction in 2030.

Based in Dallas, TX, MATERI’ACT Dallas’ mission is to secure a local and long-term feedstock of post-consumer recycled plastics and to produce recycled polymers to meet the growing needs of the automotive industry in North America. The newly formed company will collect feedstocks, recycle, refine, formulate and compound to supply recycled polymers meeting the stringent requirements of the car makers. 

The joint-venture combines the strength of each of its parent companies, PCR Recycling bringing its capacities in feedstock access and recycling, MATERI’ACT bringing its expertise in refining, adaptative formulations, compounding, and post processing capabilities. 

The deal is expected to help spark demand in North America for use of recycled plastics in automotive and other industries. Applications include a wide range of automotive products such as instrument and door panels, center consoles, and any other automotive products where plastic is commonly used. In addition, customers in various non-automotive industries are expected to benefit from the joint venture’s sustainable materials and recycling solutions.




Wojtek Zarzycki, PDG de PCR Recycling
We are impressed with FORVIA’s approach to sustainable material development where any preconceived notions about recycled feedstock have been removed and the MATERI’ACT team has focused on a fresh approach, from the bottom up. The future company will balance experience and entrepreneurship. It is the convergence of these attributes and the opportunities in the North American automotive sector that make PCR Recycling excited about our new path together.
Wojtek Zarzycki
CEO of PCR Recycling
Rémi Daudin, Président de MATERI’ACT
We are on a mission to redefine the way the automotive industry sources the materials used in vehicles as part of our global commitment to CO2 neutrality. As part of this mission, we are bringing our proven business model for developing alternative materials for the automotive industry to North America at a time when there is a growing demand from our customers for sustainable products that have a lower impact on the environment.
Rémi Daudin
President of MATERI’ACT