Materials acting for the planet.


Use less, use better, use longer,

thanks to sustainable materials.

This is how we ACT.


MATERI'ACT develops, transforms and commercializes unique cutting-edge materials with low and ultra-low CO2 footprint. We bring more than 10 years of expertise in formulating and processing recycled, bio-sourced and carbon-capturing materials, aligned with the European Green Taxonomy. Our purely sustainable products include recyled and bio-based Compounds, bio-based Foils, low CO2 Carbon Fibers and Green Steel. Our adaptative and predictive formulations find uses in the automotive industry and beyond. From waste and bio stock management to renewable materials, we mobilize a best-in class industrial and academic ecosystem. This is how we ACT and how we help you ACT against climate change.

Up to
CO2 reduction
employees in 2025
>2 B€
sales in 2030

MATERI'ACT develops recycled and bio-based compounds.

Our compounds are well suited for injection molding. We can rapidly develop tailor made grades and meet the performance requirements of a broad range of industries. By using recycled and bio-based feedstocks, we offer differentiated sustainable solutions to the market and help our customers lower significantly their CO2 emissions.


MATERI'ACT develops ultra-low emission foils as an alternative to leather and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Our range includes thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) with recyclates and bio-contents, coated skins with sustainable alternatives to PVC and polyurethane (PU), vegan & bio-synthesis skin with disruptive vegetal alternatives such as pineapple fibers.

Carbon fibers
Carbon fibers

MATERI'ACT develops bio-based carbon fibers, less energy demanding, with a low climate impact but without compromising on technical performance.

Our carbon fiber composites will have high stiffness, tensile strength, chemical resistance, as well as high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, making them the ideal manufacturing material for many industrial parts. They will be initially used for the production of hydrogen tanks.

Green steel
Green steel

MATERI'ACT develops, with a group of partners, advanced low CO2 steel with high strength using hydrogen for iron ore direct reduction and zero-carbon electricity instead of coking coal and other fossil fuels traditionally used to make steel.

The steel sector is one of the biggest carbon emitting industries. We support the growing demand for low CO2 steel, whilst contributing to Europe’s ambitions to decarbonize hard‐to‐abate industries.

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